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Company Culture
Yuanan - The Sincerity Wins The Future
We adhere to real self, pursuit of excellence, and provide value for clients.
We advocate harmonious nature, happy life, and to be the positive role models of society.

Staff care, from the heart

  • Mission

    Create health for human, create value for clients, always adhere to provide good products with excellent technology and reasonable price.
  • Vision

    As long as the sanitary fluid is our business, every corner of the world with Yuanan products and enjoy good life.
  • Core Idea

    The Sincerity Wins The Future
  • Management Philosophy

    True business, benevolent management
  • Product Concept

    Precision, Quality, Service, All Made In Yuanan
  • Operation Philosophy

    True, Honest, Practical
  • Market Concept

    Confidence achieve markets and technology achieve the future !
  • Development Concept

    Benevolence, harmony and win-win!
  • Competition Concept

    Strategic cooperation, strong union!
  • Talent Concept

    Respect talents and make the best of them!