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World Strategy
Yuanan products are widely used in dairy,
food & beverage, brewery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, etc.
  • World Strategy
    Yuanan products are widely used in dairy,
    food & beverage, brewery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical

    Yuanan supply a variety products for biological preparations, chemicals, raw materials, Chinese medicine production. Pharmaceutical projects such as Hebei medical university - biomedical engineering center, Hebei da 'an pharmaceutical, North China pharmaceutical, Shenwei pharmaceutical.

  • Dairy

    Dairy including liquid type (Pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, milk modulation, fermented milk); Powder(Whole milk powder, skim milk powder, partial skim milk powder, mixed milk powder, colostrum powder); Other dairy products (condensed milk, cream, cheese, etc.). Projects including Beijing sanyuan dairy, Wuhan yangzijiang dairy.

  • Brewery

    We supply equipments and spare parts for brewing beer, white wine, grape wine, yellow wine, millet wine, medical wine and so on.

  • Water Treatment

    Bottled water refers to drinking water packaged in bottles (barrels) for sale. Water industry is the source of water through coarse filtration, fine filtration, sterilization and so on physical, chemical and biological processes, to ensure that the water quality meets the drinking water standards, and fit for drinking purpose.

  • Condiments

    Condiments are closely related to life, including six categories: brewing, pickles, pickles, dried goods and aquatic products. Among them, brewing flavoring is to treat and ferment grain rich in protein, starch and other components. Yuanan supply products for these filed, such as soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil, etc.

  • Beverage

    Beverage means a liquid, such as water, milk, wine, or beverage (which is not the same object as a beverage), which has been processed and is suitable for human or animal consumption. With water as the basic raw material, it is produced by different formulas and manufacturing processes, and used directly to quench thirst, provide nourishment, or refresh.

  • Daily Chemicals

    We supply associated equipments which are used in producing skin care, hair care, cosmetics and other daily use.

  • Cosmetics

    Yuanan supply full set products and fittings for cosmetics, such as all kinds of liquid, powder, milky productions process. Products including Emulsifying tank, storage tank, pipeline, valve, joint, flow meter, filter, pump and filling machine, etc.